Facial Exercises To Slim Down Your Face

You know that exercise is good for keeping the muscles in your body well toned. Did you know that you can also exercise to slim down your face? Facial exercises are a great way to achieve higher cheek bones and better contoured facial features. Why would you want to do that? That’s because these facial exercising techniques are top recommendations on how to lose chubbycheeks but, more importantly, because this does not entail expensive, painful doctor-administered procedures. All you really need is to achieve consistency and to be a little bit more patient to see how it enhances your features.

In fact, several studies have already demonstrated the benefits of facial exercises in keeping the face slim. One study conducted in 2014 and published in the Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research validated the beneficial effects of exercising, including face yoga exercises, to tone facial muscles. The researchers further recommended that facial exercises must be prescribed to enhance the benefits of dental rehabilitation.

Facial Exercises To Slim Down Your Face

Facial Exercises To Slim Down Your Face

Facial Exercises:

Are you excited to find out how to get rid of face fat? Check out these top 7 facial exercises for face slimming to learn how to make your face thinner:

1. Jaw Movements:

Jaw muscles are an important facial feature. These muscles help you move this bottom portion of your face, including to chew your food with ease. Just like any other muscle group, muscles in this area are subject to atrophy resulting from aging. Nobody is exempted, not even women and men who have small faces.

Some of the jawline exercises that you can try include the following:

•   Move your jaw from side-to-side.

•   Roll your jaw clockwise then, counterclockwise.

•   Extend your jaw outwards for as far and as long as you can.

•   Make an exaggerated “e” sound which lifts your jaw muscles as it is stretched on both sides of your face.

•   Do these exercises repeatedly and alternately several times daily.

2. X’s and O’s:

Another effective face workout often quoted in how to reduce face fat guides is making exaggerated sounds of ‘X’ and ‘O. Say ‘X’ in a manner that stretches your lips, brings up your jaws, and almost forces a smile on your cheeks. Alternate this with the ‘O’ sound as you pull your jaws apart as you open your mouth as wide as you can. Say these letters alternatively for up to 30 times each time you do it. This facial exercise technique is so easy that you can even keep doing it while taking a shower or, even while waiting for your drive-thru.

3. Tongue Movement:

Another easy technique on how to slim your face is by moving your tongue, which is made up of strong muscles, in, out, and around your mouth. If you’re not sure how, here are several tongue movements that you can try:

•   Stick out your tongue as far out as possible.

•   Stick out your tongue as it is directed towards your chin.

•   Stick out your tongue as it is directed to your left cheek. Do the same for your right cheek.

•   Hold each pose for at least 10 counts. Alternate.

•   With your mouth closed, reach for the outer side of your upper back teeth. Do the same for the other side. Then, touch the outer side of your bottom back teeth. Do the same for the other side. Keep the pose for as long as you can. This is one of the most effective ways on how to reduce cheek fat.

4. Smiling:

How many times have you heard that exaggerated facial expressions can cause wrinkles? When it comes to face slimming exercises, however, exaggerating your smile is one of the easiest and most practical ways to keep your facial muscles firm. Simply make sure your pearly whites are all exposed and bring the corners of your lips sideways then, up towards your eyes.

5. Cheek Lifts:

This is a combination of smile exercising and using slight finger pressure as weights. There are two ways to achieve cheek lifts:

•   Using your three fingers in the middle, touch the underside of your cheekbone. Smile with the corner of your lips directed towards the corners of your eyes. As you bring your cheeks to this position, follow through with your fingers. Make sure to use only the right amount of pressure to pull up the underside of your cheeks.

•   Using your index finger, touch the upper part of your cheekbone. As you smile with a smile that forces both eyes to close, move your cheek muscles from the lower, inner part to the upper, outer part of your cheeks.

6. Pout Face:

Also termed as the fish face, this comes as a top recommendation on how to get a skinny face lists. To do this pose, simply follow the following steps.

•   Bring your lips to a pout.

•   Suck in the air from your cheeks while you pout.

•   Turn your lips inside out as you do the two previous steps.

•   Hold the pose for several seconds

•   Release, relax then, do it again

7. Eye Focus:

Exercises that are generally recommended for maintaining and enhancing eye focus can also help keep your facial muscles strong and your face wrinkle-free. Move your eyes sideways then, around. Focus on near things then, on farther things.


Whole body cardio workouts will help you keep your facial muscles strong and slim.   However, sometimes, the combination of full body workouts and facial exercises are insufficient to hold back the powerful impacts of aging and genetics in making your cheeks appear saggy.

Among the alternatives that you can try include surgical procedures and non-surgical procedures. Consider cheek lift, ultherapy, sub-dermal skin tightening, radio frequency therapy, and fillers to help keep your cheeks well-contoured, firm, high, and beautifully slimmed.


Still searching how to slim down your face? Look no farther. After having gone through this list of face exercising options, now you know that all you ever really needed was a little know-how, and maybe a mirror to keep your face from sagging and to say farewell to chubby cheeks.

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